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Deer Isle-Stonington High School seeks to create an educational system in which each student who enters high school earns a diploma signifying that the student is prepared for a variety of post-secondary options, including both college and modern, fulfilling careers. Proficiency-based learning, or teaching the most essential skills students will need and then ensuring that students actually learn those skills, is an important component of such a system. Starting with the graduating class of 2019, students at DISHS will need to demonstrate proficiency in the following essential standards in order to earn a diploma:

Career Prep

English Language Arts

Health & Physical Education



Social Studies

World Language

Visual & Performing Arts

School-wide Expectations

These standards represent the knowledge and skills that students need in order to prepared for all aspects of adult life: college, career, and citizenship.  Because these standards are aligned with state and national learning standards, DISHS students and parents can be assured that our graduates are prepared to pursue whichever post-secondary options they choose.