We Want To Know- What Are Your Questions About Personalized Learning?

Post date: Mar 30, 2014 1:9:26 PM

Deer Isle-Stonington High School seeks to provide an education that prepares each student for any post-secondary option he or she chooses to pursue, both college and career.  We believe strongly that personalizing learning is one of the best ways to achieve this goal. You may have heard "proficiency-based diploma" and "pathways" recently, which are important parts of a school that is focused on personalizing learning for its students.

But what is personalized learning, and what does it mean for students, parents, and the community?  

To answer those questions, we are planning a parent and community forum on personalized learning in April.  In planning the forum, we'd like to know what questions you have about personalized learning that we can be sure to answer as part of planning the forum.  The three links below have concise, one-page descriptions of proficiency-based learning and personalized learning pathways:

Please send you questions about personalized learning to toddwest@dishs.org and stay tuned for more information about the parent and community forum.