Two-Year Accreditation Progress Report Submitted to NEASC

Post date: Nov 05, 2011 6:4:27 PM

On October 1st, I submitted our two-year progress report to NEASC. All schools are required to submit a two- and five-year progress report as part of NEASC's on-going accreditation progress. Our five-year progress report will be due in March, 2014, at which point almost all of the recommendations of the visiting team are to have been implemented. After that, we get about 2 ½ years of breathing room, then the entire cycle starts again sometime in 2016 with the self-study.

As you can see from page 21 of the progress report, 27% of the recommendations from the visiting team have been implemented and determined to be “completed” and 43% are classified as “in progress.” Many of the recommendations that are “in-progress” are related to curriculum development. Ironically, if we were evaluated this school year by the visiting team, I think we would have as many or even more commendations for curriculum than recommendations as we have implemented a curriculum development process that is much more closely aligned with best practice than that used in most schools and we have made much more progress aligning curriculum to the Common Core State Standards than most schools (which isn't much, but many schools are taking a head in the sand approach to the CCSS).

9% of the recommendations are identified as “Planned for the Future”, 2% as “Rejected”, and 20% as “No Action Taken.” The two recommendations which were rejected had to do with Guidance and Special Education services. The decision to reject the recommendations was based on the specific language of the recommendations but the school is still taking action to implement the intent of the recommendation and ensure that both Guidance and Special Education services are meeting student needs.

I expect to receive a written response to our two-year progress report within the next month. 

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