Student Council Seeks to Expand Student Leadership at DISHS

Post date: Mar 28, 2016 8:7:59 PM

The Student Council from Deer Isle-Stonington High School is planning to take a group of 10 people (6 students, 3 teachers and the principal) to two schools in Vermont to learn about different ways they integrate student leadership into their school.

We are doing this because we would like to encourage students to have more of a say in what happens at our school. We believe more student input will have a very positive effect on the way the school functions. With stronger leadership from the students, we could have such a positive atmosphere within the school, and accomplish many things. When student leaders all work together to accomplish goals to improve their schools, positive change is made.

Harwood Union and Cabot are the two schools we plan to visit in Vermont. There are about 700 students attending Harwood Union, and 60 attending Cabot. Harwood Union provides an environment for strong student voice, which is what our Student Council is trying to accomplish. They created an “all-school dialogue,” providing students and faculty a chance to voice their opinions about the school environment. Cabot focuses on providing an arts infused curriculum to their students. This curriculum is very similar to our own project-based learning and arts pathways. By visiting these schools, we will be able to see these learning styles in action, and be able to bring some ideas back to our school.

Following the methods the two schools in Vermont have used, we would like to start having all-school dialogues where students and staff discuss issues within the school. We would bring back ideas from the schools and put them into our high school in our own way. By doing this, we will be able to more effectively get input from all students and start to make a positive change in our school.

We would appreciate any donations to help us get this amazing opportunity to learn from other schools success. If you would like to support this effort please contact the Deer Isle-Stonington principal Todd West (348-2303, and he will get back to you!

Thanks so much! - The DISHS Student Council