New Website

Post date: Apr 13, 2011 1:48:52 PM

That's right. The Deer Isle-Stonington High School is now updating their website to provide a better overall experience to those who use it. What is being changed?

New Theme:

We are working to bring forth a clean, efficient, website design that makes it easy to find the information you are looking for.

More Content:

Using Google Apps, teachers will begin to generate more content for their classroom website. With the many enhancements being made to main website, there will be an extra emphasis on teacher maintained websites. Students from the Website Design Class, taught by Mrs. Elizabeth Small, will be working one-on-one with teachers to help get their website started.

Consolidated Content:

Organization is key to an efficient website, and that is why we are working to group related topics together. This categorization makes it easier for students to find what they need, and for parents and community members to find what they need.

So, keep watch, as the new Deer Isle-Stonington High School website steers its way onto the internet.