Post date: May 05, 2017 1:52:17 PM

There was a communication snafu at the beginning of last week and a message about looking at other calendar options did not get to me. Concerns with extending an entire week for our youngest students needed to be reviewed and was not. In speaking with the Commissioner's Office there is another option that will still allow us to make up a day for our seniors without using an entire week straight, but it will mean starting this option earlier.

Starting this coming Wednesday, May 10th and continuing for the following 4 Wednesdays, through to and including Wednesday, June 7th, the high school day will be extended to 3:40 pm each of these Wednesdays only. Busses will then drop off one hour later than they usually do in the afternoon on each of these Wednesdays.  The elementary school will be dismissed at 3:50pm.  A bus will be provided for off-Island students.

Thanking you in advance for your assistance with this final plan, which better supports our youngest students who are part of the solution in helping our graduates!

- Mr. Elkington