Community Budget Forum 10/19 @ DISHS 6:00pm

Post date: Oct 15, 2011 2:52:41 PM

Message from Superintendent Bob Webster:

Last spring quite a bit of school committee and public energy was expended on budget decisions. This year I'm planning a couple of community meetings devoted specifically to early, "big picture" discussions of school budget issues.  These discussions will influence my thinking on development of the 2012-13 budget proposal.


The first forum is coming up next week, Wednesday, October 19 at DI-S High School at 6:00 the cafeteria. The forum will start with a 20-30 minute presentation of financial and demographic information on the school system.


Most of the time will be used discussing the implications of finances/demographics, some thought provoking questions listed below and budget related topics of interest to those of you who attend the meeting. My questions are deliberately provocative in the hope of encouraging better attendance. If you think of questions for this forum, which might stimulate good discussions, email them to me prior to next Wednesday afternoon.


Have a wonderful weekend!





Should a minimum student/teacher ratio for elementary and/or high school be established?


Should the district be reducing it's higher than average per pupil expenditures?


Should the school district establish user fees such as a "pay to play" policy that provides financial support for athletics?


What program cuts should be considered in looking for further cost savings?


Should the superintendent's office be moved into one of the schools?


Should the district adopt a "zero based" budgeting process in which program effectiveness is documented before funding is approved?


Are there programs that should be started (or enlarged) such as a preschool program for three and/or four year olds or 1 to 1 iPads for elementary children?


As enrollment continues to shrink, should the school district plan to eventually move the high school into DISES or tuition high school students to other secondary schools?