A Look at DISHS: End of Year Data

Post date: Jul 02, 2012 9:11:22 PM

End of Year DataThe close of the school year provides an opportunity to report out on key indicators of school performance that we track on an annual basis, including:

Not shown in the data is the number of students eligible for credit recovery.  Unlike the first semester, almost all failing grades were high enough to allow the students to be eligible for credit recovery.

The data in the table is slightly mis-leading, as it appears that only 34%-52% of each class are “on track” to graduate.  However, there is a pretty large group  of students in each grade who are “not quite on track, not quite in danger.”  Since students can revise portfolio tasks over the summer and through the first quarter of next year, a large percentage of students are likely to be classified as “on track” or even “complete.”  While it is not good that 9th and 10th grade students are classified as “in danger,” they have adequate time to get caught up.  The greatest concern is the two members of the Class of 2013 who are behind.

One great advantage that we have this year is the summer Learning Center, which will focus on credit recovery and Portfolio Task revision.  Ms. Poyant has already made a list of students most in need of revising portfolio tasks and will be contacting parents by both phone and mail to try to get students into the Learning Center this summer to work on getting caught up.