Learning Center

In our efforts to better serve the student body, we have opened a Learning Center in Room 3. The purpose of the Learning Center is to provide all students with consistent and open access to one-on-one and small group tutoring.  The Learning Center hours are from 7:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Students can come in as needed during their study halls, or if they don't have a study hall scheduled, during the extracurricular hours.  Walk-ins are welcome.  

The Learning Center is used in a variety of ways.  One student may stop in for five minutes to get help on a particularly tricky math problem, while another may spend an hour reviewing a chapter's worth of grammar. Looking beyond the classroom, students can also come to the Learning Center for help on job applications and college essays.  

Our Learning Center is staffed by English teacher Marion Austin and Morgan Witham, who is a former DIS student and experienced tutor.  In this comfortable, low-key environment, students have access to as much help as they need to meet the standards required for graduation and gain the knowledge and skills essential to post-graduate success.  Parents may call the school and ask for the Learning Center extension for more information.

Procedures for Using the Learning Center

1. Please sign in using the clipboard.

2. Check in with either Ms. Witham or Ms. Austin as to why you are there, and what you need help with.

3. Students must be working on an assignment, project, or studying whilethey are in the Learning Center.

4. Remember your time may be limited if there are other students waiting.

5. No more than 8-10 students in the Learning Center at one time.


The Learning Center is open every day from 7:30-3:30 with the following exceptions:

Monday-Thursdays 8:10-9:15

Friday-All of 'A' Block

Monday-Fridays-2nd Lunch 11:46-12:12

Students may come before and after school as well as during study halls.

Invited or Required Attendance

If you are falling behind on your work or your grades are declining, your teacher or advisor may recommend that you go to the Learning Center for help.

Ms. Witham or Ms. Austin will help you with a particular assignment, project or studying for a test.

If you are missing assignments and your grades continue to decline, you may be required to go to the Learning Center for help.  Your attendance will be monitored.