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Summer Bridge LearningDISHS is offering summer learning support for students who are scheduled to take one or more Bridge classes in the fall as well as students in basic math or pre-algebra. Students will be provided personalized online instruction and practice through the Odysseyware and Khan Academy platforms targeting areas where the student needs additional practice.  The web-based platforms mean that students can learn anytime, anywhere as they build their basic skills in reading, writing, social studies, and math.

@dishs.org G-Mail

DISHS uses google apps for education to provide 21st century learning and collaboration tools to students.  

url:         www.google.com/a/dishs.org

user:       firstname.lastname@dishs.org (chris.talbot@dishs.org)

pw:         each student creates a unique password

Note: D1shs2018 is the default password for your @dishs.org g-mail account; you will be asked to reset your password the first time you log in to your @dishs.org g-mail account.  Contact the main office if you forgot your password or need it reset.  The office can also reset student passwords and provide the new password to parents.