Maine State High School Assessment (SAT) Data

Note: In the spring of 2015, the "Smarter Balanced Assessment" was administered as the Maine state high school assessment for 11th grade students.  During the test administration window, the Department of Education announced that the state would be looking for yet another state assessment starting in 2016.  With three different tests in three years, the continuity of longitudinal data has been disrupted; it will be several years at best before state assessment data can be used to draw reliable and valid conclusions about school performance.

Since 2005, all 11th grade students in Maine have taken the Maine High School Assessment (SAT test) as part of the No Child Left Behind Act.  The MHSA measures student proficiency in reading, math, writing, and science.  The green bars in the chart below shows the percentage of DISHS 11th grade students who scored at the "Distinguished" or "Proficient" levels each year; the red line shows the percentage of students scoring at the "Distinguished" or "Proficient" levels for the entire state of Maine.  DISHS's most recent MHSA report is attached at the bottom of this page.  Starting in 2015, 11th grade students will take the "Smarter Balanced Assessment" instead of the SAT as the Maine High School Assessment.

The charts below show the year the test was administered; add one year to the year of administration to determine which graduating class the data is associated with.  For example, the 2008-09 test was taken by the students in the graduating class of 2010.

A Component of DISHS's Data Dashboard