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1st Semester Exam Schedule

posted Jan 1, 2013, 2:28 PM by

We will once again be using the review-exam, review-exam format for finals which was developed last year.  Part of that format is a Focused Review period, which will work on these guidelines:
  • The review periods are "Focusedreview periods.  We are using the Focused Study model for review.  I have created a Focused Review Roster that all students have access to and all teachers can edit.  Teachers will assign students to the review period.  For those students, the review is required.  For other students, the review is optional.  The Focused Review period will count as your daily attendance during exams.
  • Just a reminder that we do NOT have an open campus policy at this time.  Students may not leave at lunch if they have a Focused Review scheduled immediately after lunch.  If a student has no focused review scheduled, they may leave and come back for the exam, but students are not allowed to leave for lunch only.
  • Teachers will assign students by the end of the day on Wednesday, 1/16.  Students, please make sure to look at the list on Thursday, 1/17 to make sure that you know which review periods you need to attend.